Choose Renewal By Andersen Windows For High Quality And Efficiency

Andersen Windows is one of the longest established and most respected suppliers of windows and doors to both the commercial and residential sectors, and has been for over a century. The company was started by Danish immigrants back in 1903, and continues to be at the forefront of quality design and manufacturing today. If you are having windows fitted in a construction project, or if you are thinking of overhauling your property and having replacement windows installed, Andersen will be a great place to begin your search.

The issue of whether or not to replace windows in an existing home is one which is fraught with difficulty, as there are so many considerations which can affect whether or not it will be a good choice. If your windows are not currently giving you the right degree of insulation, or if there are security risks or actual damage to fittings, it is clear that something will have to be done. A complete replacement of your windows with ones made from modern materials will be the most effective solution in just about every case, but it will also be the most expensive and difficult to implement. Whether or not it is right to do this depends on several factors.

The general condition of the property is the most important factor of all, as there is little point in having expensive quality windows such as Andersen fitted if the rest of the property would need renovation to be able to secure a good selling price. The same applies to a lesser degree if the property is in a depressed area. This will not affect the performance of the windows, but it will deter a percentage of buyers and inevitably lessen your chances of recouping your investment. A desirable property in a good area will sell for more if it has high-quality energy efficient windows.


The high-quality materials used in Andersen windows at fair prices can certainly help you to save money every year, and also to protect your home against external factors. All modern home constructions are carried out with windows made from Low-E Energy Star compliant glass, as this provides a far greater degree of insulation than ordinary single pane glass. There is no reason why the same glass cannot be used in a renovation or just in replacement windows, as the insulating effect will be the same. Choosing the right frame is critical, though, as the wrong material can exacerbate heat loss.

The traditional material for window frame construction has always been wood, and Andersen Windows have made extensive use of this material for many years. It is comfortable to work with and provides a high degree of insulation. Now, though, there are many modern materials which promise even better results, such as vinyl and fiberglass. Vinyl windows are cheap to install, and they need less maintenance than wood. There are concerns over their durability as vinyl frames can warp in extreme weather, and new plastic polymers are constantly being developed.

The replacement window and door industry is constantly being modified to fit in with the needs of the environment, and Andersen Windows is at the forefront of this. Not only are all new window installations carried out with Energy Star compliant glass, the frames themselves are designed to help keep heat in the building. Even the manufacturing and delivery processes have been developed to be more environmentally friendly, as the perception and needs of the average consumer is changing. There is no doubt that even greater numbers of buyers will make their choices based on these factors in the future, and that fact is not lost on Andersen Windows.

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